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Welcome! Please review the following terms and conditions carefully.

Your application will remain in our system for 30 days. If we have not received a copy of the installation proposal from Foreseeson Technologies within 30 days of the date on the Letter of Conditional Approval (email) we will assume you not longer wish to proceed with your project and you application will be closed. Please note any associated/reserved funding will also be released.

ZAPBC Program Policies

Agreement with all policies is mandatory before proceeding with the rest of the application.


  • All applicants must understand and agree that they must be a legal entity validly incorporated or registered in Canada.
  • All applicants must agree that projects (charger installations) will be located in Canada.


  • All applicants understand and agree that the funding maximums outlined on our Qualifying Charger Technology page will be applied to each project
  • All applicants understand and agree that the ZEVIP Program provides up to 50% of eligible project costs, to a maximum of $100,000 per project.
  • For applicant organizations in BC, it is understood and agreed that your organization cannot apply to this program if you are receiving a rebate from the CleanBC Go Electric Public Charger Program (offered by BC Hydro and Fortis). Applicants should be aware that the ZEVIP Program will perform verification of funding by data-matching with the CleanBC Program.
  • All applicant organizations must understand that the total, combined funding from all levels of government (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal) cannot exceed 75% of the total project costs.
  • All applicant organizations understand that they can only receive 100% of eligible project costs (to a maximum of $100,000) if the applicant organization is a government body (provincial, territorial, municipal) or a department or agency of government. Supporting documentation will be required in the application process.

Charger Installation

  • All applicant organizations must be able to certify that the proposed installation will be permanent (mounted or fixed models) and will be required to provide supporting documentation in the application process.
  • All applicant organizations must be able to provide evidence that the project is for new installation(s), and not for expansion or for the replacement of existing charging infrastructure.

Charging Equipment

  • All applicant organizations must provide evidence that the proposed project fits into one of the five (5) streams identified on this website: Public Places, On-Street, Workplaces, Light-Duty Vehicle Fleets and/or Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs). Applications for any other use will not be considered.
  • ZEVIP Program will only approve projects where the proposed charger(s) is a product that is commercially available in Canada.
  • ZEVIP Program will only approve projects where the proposed charger(s) are Level 2 or Fast chargers and are CAS, ULC, UL or Interlink certified for use in Canada.
  • All Level 2 chargers must have a SAE J1772 standard plug head or be a proprietary connector type rated for a minimum of 3.3 kW power output and the applicant organization must provide evidence of this.
  • Only the types of chargers identified on our Qualifying Charger Technology page will be approved. No other charger type will be approved. Applicant organizations must provide documentation that confirms these requirements are met prior to installation.
  • All chargers must be connected which is defined as: Having the ability to communicate to other stations and/or to a server or the cloud through cellular/wireless signal or connected vehicle communications using software to report on usage and/or other capabilities such as providing real-time status of charging stations.
  • For chargers with multiple connectors each connector must be capable of charging a vehicle while supporting a dedicated parking space simultaneously.

Project Timeline

  • All applicants understand and agree that it’s their responsibility to ensure project completion within 24 months of approval and/or prior to March 31, 2024. Projects that are not completed within these timelines will not be eligible for funding.