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Thank you for your interest in the ZAPBC incentive program.
This application includes a questionnaire to help assess your installation needs, and may take up to 25 minutes to complete. To help you save time, here is a checklist of things you can gather together before you start.

You can save your progress and resume your session at any time by using the Save and Resume Later button at the bottom of the page.

In order to complete the questionnaire, you will need:

  • Access to the electrical panel(s) for your residence
  • Access to the new EV charger's installation location
  • A camera or other device to take photos
  • A mobile device to verify Wi-Fi signal strength, e.g cell phone or tablet
  • A measuring tape (Optional)
Please provide complete and accurate information. It will prevent delays in processing your application.

ZAPBC Program Policies

Agreement with all policies is mandatory before proceeding with the rest of the application.

Please read each of the following statements carefully. When finished, click the box on the bottom to indicate that you have read and understood each statement. You must agree to all the statements in order for your application to be accepted.


  • I understand that ZAPBC is privately funded. The incentives provided do not come from the provincial government, or any other public body.
  • I am at least 19 years of age; or I agree to complete and submit the required consent form (please use our contact us page to email us and obtain a copy of the form).
  • I am the registered owner of the home, or I have my landlord’s written permission to install a ZAPBC EV charging solution in the residence described in my application.
  • I understand that incentives are subject to change at any time without notice. I am aware that I am only entitled to the incentive offered on the date of my application. I have reviewed the incentive offering on the website and understand my entitlements and obligations.
  • I understand that incentives are subject to change at any time without notice. I am aware that I am only entitled to the incentives offered on the date of my application. I have read and understood the 30 day policy as outlined on the Program Policies page.
  • I understand that ZAPBC is a trade/brand name used by the BC SCRAP-IT Program Society and any legal agreement I am making with ZAPBC is also being made with the BC SCRAP-IT Program.


  • I provide express consent to ZAPBC (for physical location & contact information click here) and its affiliates to communicate with me using the email address I provide in my application. This includes program information updates, announcements, event/seminar invitations, surveys, contests and other notifications. This also includes the sharing and exchanging of any personal information I provide in the application, as defined in the Privacy Policy. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. I further understand that even if I withdraw my consent, ZAPBC may email me to facilitate a transaction with ZAPBC that I previously agreed to enter into.


  • I understand and agree that once a complete and installed ZAPBC EV charging solution is in my home, that I cannot place a request to have it uninstalled, return the equipment and/or request a refund. I understand that the installation of the charger is permanent and final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.


  • I understand that the incentive I receive will not be issued in the form of a cheque but will be applied as a point-of-sale discount off the total cost of the complete and installed ZAPBC EV charging solution.
  • I understand that once I am provided with a rough estimate and accept it, I will be required to pre-pay the installation cost, less/minus the $1,100 incentive amount upon acceptance.
  • I understand that I will need to have a major credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) in order to pre-pay the rough installation estimate.
  • I agree to create an account with ChargePoint and activate the EV charger on the ChargePoint network before the electrician leaves my home.
  • I understand that as part of the installation process and activation on the ChargePoint network that I will be required to provide my card card information to ChargePoint.
  • I agree to provide my credit card information over the phone to a Foreseeson Technology Inc. representative or to an electrician at the point of installation if additional installation costs are assessed.
  • I understand that if I agree to and pre-pay the rough estimate installation cost, but then for any reason decline the total installation cost after the electrician arrives and adjustments are made to the cost, that a fee of $150 will due and payable to Foreseeson Technology Inc. to cover the cost of the electrician, and the $150 fee will be deducted from my refund.


  • I agree and acknowledge that the ChargePoint Home charger I receive will be connected to a network and that certain data regarding the use of the charger will be collected by ChargePoint, the manufacturer of the charger.
  • I agree and acknowledge that the data identified above, will be provided by ChargePoint to ZAPBC.
  • I agree and acknowledge that ZAPBC may use the data to conduct research and to produce reports, publications, and presentations.
  • I agree and acknowledge that any use of the data as described above, is subject to ZAPBC’s Privacy Policy.
  • I understand and agree to allow the electrician to connect the ZAPBC EV charging solution to the ChargePoint network via my personal WiFi service.
  • I understand and agree that in order to receive and incentive from ZAPBC, I must connect my charger to the ChargePoint network, and keep it connected for as long as I own the charger.


  • I have read and understood the Privacy Policy.
  • I, and the persons I am authorized to make this application on behalf of, consent to the collection, use, and retention of all personal information in or arising from this application form and my participation in the program to ZAPBC, and to the further disclosure of such information from ZAPBC to its Program Partners, Foreseeson Technology Inc. and ChargePoint or any other Program Partner as outlined in the Privacy Policy.


  • I agree that if I receive an incentive, and a complete ZAPBC EV charging solution is installed at my residence under ZAPBC, legal ownership of all emission and carbon reductions which may be generated as a result of the installation are transferred to ZAPBC.


  • I have read, and understand and agree with all of ZAPBC policies as detailed on the Program Policies page.